The Mythic Eagle.

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In 2002 a new custom was embedded into my life, very much like my repulsive and compulsive love for cigarrettes, or my need to eat mayonaise. Every year, once or twice I will periodically beat Vagrant Story.
In those early days when the internet was not as invasive as it is now I dedicated myself to search for hidden items, rooms, easter eggs and so on. To the point, where today, you can ask me just about anything, and if I don't know it, it probably doesn't exist.

So, I might be one of the few persons to have ever seen the eagle.

The game, like most Matsuno games, is about atmosphere, about the the world, and then about it's rules, so ingrained in them, you will feel as weak as the story demands it, until Matsuno says so.
So in the beggining you're nothing but a detective, a normal knight with a mission, until you start to see crazy shit. Zombies, Phantoms, Poltergeists, and dragons, trapped in the ruins of a long dead city. Ivalice's own Atlantis, sank into the sea by a terrible earthquake that mostly killed everyone and everything in it.

And then, you kill a dragon. Yes, dragons still exist, that earlier encounter with a wyvvern was not a hallucination, those zombies you fought where not enemies in disguise. This is for real, you're trapped, and everything around you it's decided to kill you, all you have left is moving forward.
And when you do, you're received by the shimmering light of the day and the ruins of what was probably a beautiful city. You hear bells, birds, a slew of hope shines with the warm intensity of the vistas you're offered. You keep on through and find an old workshop, you're glad, you can rest and gear up there.

But before you enter you hear the call of an eagle. You turn your head up, and you see nothing.

Until you see it.

Illustration for article titled The Mythic Eagle.

REALLY THOUGH? I couldn't even find a picture of the damn eagle, it's like it doesn't exist and I know only one other person to have ever seen it. Or I might be wrong, and everyone has seen it, but it just isn't particulary interesting to note? I say this because, besides the characters, enemies and the forest, the game features nothing like this.

I might be crazy, but I know what I saw.

So, have you ever seen something in a game, that no one else knows or have seen?

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